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Awesome so you got a new kitty. We have a helpful list of tips to get everything you and your new kitten will need.

The Essentials

Quality Kitten Food – You need to get a food specifically formulated for kittens

Food & Water Bowls – Find safe to use bowls. It is better to have a smaller bowl so that portions are easier to manage.

Safety Collar – Accidents happen and when they do you will be glad to have a color. A reflective collar can be a big difference in finding a lost kitten.

ID tag & Microchip – The ID tag is really important in case someone else finds your lost kitten they would be able to return it to you. The microchip is not needed but would be able to locate the owner if it was ever lost.

Litter Box & Litter – Potty training needs to start Early. Make sure every time they do not use the litter box that you move their waste into the box. This gets them familiar with using the box.

Comfy Bed – A good dark and isolated area will do well for a new kitty. It is important for cats to have a place where they can go to be not bothered.

Health & Wellness

These products are good to have around for when you need them.

First Aid Kit – Just in case of emergencies!

Dental Products – You’d be surprised at the dental necessities of animals often times going unnoticed by their owners.

Hairball Remedy – Help them get rid of those pesky hairballs.

Grooming Supplies – Cats are known to groom themselves so this is not required.

Scratching Post – Teach them to scratch this early to save your furniture in the future.

Training & Development

Carrier – You will need to get their shots eventually and this well be needed.

Stimulating Toys – Cats get bored too! Make sure you find toys that are engaging.

Stain/Odor Remover – While potty training, Odor remover will be your best friend.

How-To Books – If this is your first kitten, a how-to book would help alot.

Calming Products – Some cats can have a lot of anxiety. Their are products that help keep those cats calm.

That’s all the basic products You may need for your new cat.